Wade Caughlin vs. David Miller  (at the old Grande Prairie Chess Club

Chris Kaut down at the Howlers Lounge at the GPRC.

About Us

Wade Caughlin vs. Chris White (at the old Grande Prairie Chess Club)

The Grande Prairie Chess Club has been in operation for over 30 years.  We currently meet on Tuesday nights from 

6 PM to 9 PM in Room E-302 at the Grande Prairie Regional College.  We also meet at Card's Board Game CafĂ© in downtown Grande Prairie on Wednesday nights from 7 PM to 9 PM.

We don't have a President or Vice President.  But we do have some awesome volunteers:  Wade Caughlin, Tim Pradzinski, Chris Kaut, Brian Redmond and Paul McGinnis and others help run things and help new players get better.  We also have a bunch of awesome players from beginner to expert.  You are sure to find a game and to meet someone new.

Come down to the GPRC on Tuesday evenings for chess.  You won't be disappointed!  All ages are welcome!