34th Annual Trumpeter Classic

Prize Fund

Additional Prize Fund Support Added by Sponsors:

​Alberta Chess Association $500

Caughlin Financial Services $500

​Tim Pradzinski $100 (Unrated Prize Fund Sponsor)

​Special Donation from Ernie's Sports Experts:

The top two Junior Player final scores will each be

given a $50 gift card to Ernie's Sports Experts in

addition to any prize fund they might be eligible for!

(Prize Funds Will Be Based on 20 Paid Adult Entry Fees and amounts below may increase/decrease based on actual number of entries)

Open Section 

(Including Unrated Players)

1st - $ 500

2nd - $ 300

3rd - $ 150

Under 1900

1st - $ 250

2nd - $ 120

3rd - $ 80

Under 1700

1st - $ 175

2nd - $ 125

Unrated Prize Fund

1st - $ 100​

Important Note:   You are only allowed 1 cash prize. You must take the largest prize that you are eligible for. So, if you win the tournament and you are in the U1700 section for example, you can only take the largest prize that you are eligible for. You WILL NOT win the U1700 1st prize as well as the Open Section 1st prize.

Important Note:   If you are lucky enough to win one of our door prizes, it WILL NOT count against any cash prize that you win. Door prizes are above and beyond the cash prizes.

Unrated Players Prize Eligibility Rule:  Any unrated player may compete to win one of the Open Section prizes.  If they don't qualify for any of those prizes based on their final point total, they will only be eligible to win one of the Unrated Prize Fund prizes.  If there is any unclaimed money left in this prize fund, the money may be moved to another prize section at the discretion of the Tournament Director (who is the sponsor of the Unrated Prize Fund).

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